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Your Inspector (Washington license #2264)

My name is Travis (WA #2264) and I have been doing Home Inspections for a number of years both here in Washington state as well as in Arizona.  I have gained a wealth of knowledge through extensive training and schooling as well as being a licensed Inspector in 2 vastly different states.  Through this I have seen many different types of homes, different types of  construction, and many different landscape issues.  My main goal is to provide an extensive overview of the condition of the home that my client is looking to purchase.  I thoroughly enjoy helping people learn about their potential new home and I look forward to helping you with yours.


We go where you don't want to.

We go where a lot of other inspectors will not go.  We will go into that attic space if possible (Not just poke our head up through the opening) and get a good visual of whats going on with your roofing and insulation as well as other components of the attic.  We will also go underneath into the crawl space (provided the space is adequate) and check everything from plumbing and insulation to the foundation and structure of the home. 


Washington State Standards of Practice

At Washington Premier Home Inspections we adhere to a very strict code of ethics and all inspections are performed using the Washington State Standards of Practice as our guideline.

Our Services


Buyers, Sellers, Pre-Listing, and Summary Inspections

Wa. Premier Home Inspections llc. offers comprehensive inspections for the buyer when purchasing a home as well as for the seller if they want to get that inspection prior to listing their home.  All inspections include detailed reports of the overall condition of the home and all the major components of the home and are delivered within 24 hours.  Including.....Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Drainage, Siding, Roof, as well as the Interior of the home.


1 Year Warranty Inspection

Wa. Premier Home Inspection llc. also offers a 1 year warranty inspection.  This inspection is highly recommended when you purchase a home of new construction.  This detailed inspection will give you the opportunity to find things that you may have never noticed and that can get fixed by the contractor under your warranty of the first year of the home. 


Home Health Checkup Inspection

Wa. Premier Home Inspections llc. offers an inspection that is geared towards those folks that may have been in their home for 5, 10, 15 years but have no desire to sell at this time.  We understand that you probably have never had a need nor a desire to go in the attic or the crawl space.  With this inspection we will go there for you.  We will check for leaks, make sure insulation is in place, check plumbing, check electrical and other major components of the home and just give you an overall "Home Checkup" the same as you and I going to the doctor for a checkup.   As a Home Inspector my goal is to provide as much knowledge as I can about your home.

Benefits of using Wa. Premier Home Inspection

With every Inspection we provide you with a full year of Technical service for your home.  Get all your home maintenance questions answered in just minutes with this awesome added benefit. 

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